Self-adhesive felt pads

Adhesive felt pads are indispensable because they function as anti-scratch, anti-shock, anti-vibration, sliders, liners and spacers. Italfeltri offers a wide assortment of adhesive and non-adhesive felts, non-woven polyester fiber , velvety flock paper and cardboard , available in various sizes and colours. We have felts of different thicknesses, from the thinnest of just 0.4 mm to the thickest of 80 mm. Adhesive felts can be made from synthetic fibers, wool-blend fibers, or 100% wool fibers. They can be supplied on a roll, in sheets, or made to measure (see Custom Solutions section).

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Why use adhesive furniture pads?

When furniture is accidentally moved or bumped, it can easily cause marks, scratches, dents or even cracks on the floor surface. This damage is often irreversible and can affect both the look and value of the property. You can easily prevent this from happening by using self-adhesive felt pads for furniture. Our self-adhesive felt pads are ideal for all types of floors, including hardwood, ceramic, tile, marble, resin and laminate. The pads are easily placed on the base of furniture legs and inserts, ensuring smooth movement on all floor surfaces.

Italfeltri Adhesive Felt Pads: Characteristics and Specifications

Most Italfeltri’s adhesive pads for furniture are available in round, square or rectangular shapes. All materials used for our wool, recycled and synthetic felts are highly resistant to wear and tear and can be easily cut and resized to fit the shape of the furniture legs. The felt fibre of our self-adhesive pads can be made from various materials, including recycled fabrics, synthetics such as polyester or natural materials such as wool. Both natural and synthetic felt pads are available in the most common furniture colours, including most shades of brown, grey and white, to blend in perfectly with the interior. In addition, our self-adhesive furniture felts are paired with a powerful adhesive that guarantees strong and long-lasting adhesion to the surface of the chair or furniture legs.

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How to stick our self-adhesive felt pads

Applying Italfeltri’s self-adhesive felt pads to chairs or furniture is simple , quick and easy. For best results and maximum durability, you should prepare the surface of the furniture legs before applying the pads: thoroughly clean the base of the leg and remove any old inserts, dirt or other residues. If necessary, sand the surface of the base lightly to ensure that it is smooth and even. At this point, simply remove the backing paper and press the felt onto the surface, cut and re-size it as needed so that it aligns perfectly with the base. Once all the felts have been applied, the furniture can be repositioned. Our self-adhesive felts will protect your floors from scratches and dents, making cleaning easier and eliminating annoying screeching sounds.