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Plastic tips with felt

Plastic tips co-molded with felt in packs

The moulded plastic tips with felt protect floors and ensure excellent gliding on different surfaces. They avoid screeching on smooth floors and enable chairs to be moved around smoothly. Transparent or black, external or interlocking, they are discreet and prevent dangerous scratches.

There is also the possibility of customizing the packaging.

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4HoMe® is our furniture-friendly range of Italfeltri RETAIL DIVISION: quick and effective solutions for the care and beauty of your home and your most precious objects. [show_more more="Read more" less="Resize"]The creation of 4HoMe® is the result of a company operating for over 40 years in the areas of hardware, household goods, mechanical engineering and furniture. This new brand is born from the continuous pursuite of quality by Italfeltri, the use of materials that are excellent and the best and most modern technologies. The bags have different colours, one for every specific product category, for a quick recognition. They are totally recyclable and with all necessary product's specifications , such as barcode and instructions. We can also provide fully customizable packaging.[/show_more]