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Non-slip Mats

Drawer Mats and Kitchen Drawer Liners

Soft and resistant at the same time, the non-slip mats are ideal for covering shelves or inside the drawers, they prevent objects from slipping and guarantee protection against impact, damage and dirt. Italfeltri anti-slip mats are characterized by their high anti-slip capacity, a functional surface and ease of being cleaned. The non-slip mats can be cleaned with normal products on the market, they dry and you put them back in their place again. Even after several cleaning cycles, the mats retain their non-slip quality.

Italfeltri’s drawer pads are made from high-quality plasticized PVC resins injected with a mixture of pigments, aromatic amines and various supports. This premium synthetic material ensures excellent functionality and meets all applicable safety laws and regulations. Our drawer mats are commonly used to line shelves and drawers in such locations as kitchens, offices, stores, workshops and garages. They are also often placed on the base of car trunks as well as inside any of the vehicle’s interior storage compartments.

Italfeltri kitchen drawer liner: formats and dimensions

Our complete range of kitchen drawer liner and office drawer pads includes four different series: the Pimple Series, Corrugated Series and Fabric Series all feature a thickness of 1.2 millimeters and differ mainly for their external appearance, offering distinct aesthetic effects you can choose from based on the style of your interior space or your individual tastes. The Water Protection kitchen drawer liner, instead, features a thickness of 1.7 millimeters and is specifically engineered to provide maximum insulation against water and humidity.

Italfeltri drawer pads: available colors

Our antislip kitchen mat and drawer pads are offered in a range of stylish colorations that help them seamlessly integrate with their setting. Available colors include white, brown, silver, black, light gray, dark gray and anthracite gray. All our drawer mats can be personalized with printed monograms, logos or other business and corporate branding details.

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Italfeltri antislip kitchen mats: packaging options

By default, Italfeltri drawer pads are delivered in 20-meter rolls with variable widths based on customer specifications, up to a maximum of 1450 millimeters (1.45 meters). Thanks to our state-of-the-art cutting machinery, we are also able to deliver our kitchen drawer liner in custom-sized individual sheets of any shape or dimension. All our drawer mats are specifically designed to be easy to cut and can be accurately shaped to the desired size and form with just a knife or a pair of scissors.

How to install a kitchen drawer liner

All of our protective drawer pads are extremely quick and easy to install in place. First of all, be sure to thoroughly clean and dry the drawer or shelf before inserting the drawer mats. Next, simply cut the liner sheet to the desired shape and size. You are now ready to install your antislip kitchen liner and enjoy years of protection for your kitchen drawers!


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