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Felt Leg Tips

Felt Floor Protectors and Leg Tips

Plastic leg tips and feet, co-molded with felt, protect floors and provide excellent gliding on different surfaces. They prevent screeching on smooth floors and allow chairs to glide smoothly.

Transparent or black, external or interlocking, they are discreet and avert dangerous scratches. They are available in various sizes, allowing you to find the best solution for every need.

Felt floor glides and felt leg tips are designed to ensure furniture can glide smoothly across a variety of different floor types, including tile, hardwood, ceramic, porcelain stoneware (aka gres), marble, resin or laminate. This eliminates those bothersome screeching sounds and, most importantly, also prevents scratches, marks and other damage that results from moving furniture from one spot to another.

Our felt floor protectors are made from high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and are fitted with specially designed felt tips to ensure smooth gliding on a variety of surfaces. The PVC leg tips are offered in various formats and come in all standard sizes. Some of our leg tips are designed to be inserted into the furniture leg’s hollow cavity while others are external caps that easily snap on to the exterior of the furniture leg. One of the most popular of Italfeltri’s felt floor protectors is our tilting felt floor glide for chairs. This product features an adjustable tilt mechanism that allows it to be inserted into furniture legs built at irregular angles, as is often the case with many modern or contemporary style chairs and stools.

Italfeltri also offers specially designed outdoor furniture leg tips that can easily be installed on wrought iron furnishings such as those found in outside decks, gardens, porches and backyards.

These floor protectors are specially designed to resist humidity and other weather elements, making your outdoor furniture easier to move without having to worry about making marks, dents or even cracks on your outdoor floorings. Our PVC leg tips and felt floor protectors have different installation mechanisms, but all of them are extremely easy to attach, requiring no particular skill or experience.

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