Stampi e stampaggio iniezione plastica

Moulds and plastic injection moulding

Italfeltri is considered a leading manufacturer of molds and plastic injection molding. Our company combines creativity and expertise thanks to its engineering unit, R&D and production department. We have approximately 25 presses from 25 up to 650 tons, including a molding press for BI-COMPONENT products, so for the molding of parts made of two plastic materials or of two different colors. Having plenty of other in-house services such as assembly, ultrasonic welding and packaging, we are able to meet all the needs of our customers.

Progetto per lo stampo


It is the direct consequence of the idea, it is the reasoning aimed at finding the solution; in a word: it is engineering. We like to carry out research and development, but also refine existing ideas and products.

Realizzazione stampo

Making of the mould

Before the final product we can build prototypes that are the result of our experience and ability to invent specific solutions for every need, for every product; after passing the tests, the final mould is ready to be.



We design and manufacture products for the most varied market sectors: from motor racing to motorcycling, from hydraulics to electronics, from household to school, from electro-medical to precision mechanics, from furniture fittings to hardware.

Controllo e qualità

Control and quality

Each stage of production is carefully checked by our technicians in order to ensure absolute and constant quality, a guarantee of safety, reliability and industrial repeatability.

Produzione stampi a iniezione

Production examples

Esempio di produzione 1Esempio di produzione 2Esempio di produzione 3Esempio di produzione 4

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