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Self adhesive door bumpers

Self Adhesive Door Bumpers and Rubber Door Buffers

Self adhesive door bumpers, also known as rubber door buffers or buffer pads are easy to apply, and equipped with an effective and durable adhesive. Adhesive bumpers are the ideal solution to avoid scratching surfaces, to prevent objects from slipping or vibrating, to cushion the closing of doors and drawers, and to even out small differences in level. They are also commonly called rubber bumpers, silicone drops or PVC drops. Depending on the application and requirements, they can be square, cylindrical or hemispherical.

Designed for maximum adhesion, strength and durability, Italfeltri adhesive bumper pads are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with all applicable safety regulations. Like most of our products, our adhesive rubber bumper pads are available in a full range of shapes, sizes and colours to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of each and every customer.

Self-adhesive door bumpers: materials, sizes and colours

Italfeltri’s self-adhesive silicone bumpers are made from high-strength synthetic materials and feature a specially developed powerful acrylic transfer strip that guarantees maximum adhesion to most standard materials. In addition to protecting doors and drawers, they can be used behind picture frames and paintings to prevent halos and stains on walls.

At Italfeltri, you can order transparent adhesive bumper pads or choose from a wide range of neutral colours designed to blend in with any interior style. Our selection also covers a wide range of shapes and sizes, including cylindrical, spherical and square pads, with flattened or rounded heads, and a base width of between 7 and 22 mm.

Customised solutions are also available. Get in touch and we will create the perfect adhesive bumper pad to your specs (for more information, go to Custom Solutions).

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How to Use Self Adhesive Door Bumpers

Italfeltri rubber bumper feet are extremely easy to install. Simply locate the area where you want to place the pad, remove the adhesive and press it onto the surface of the drawer or cabinet door, holding it down for a few seconds to ensure maximum adhesion. For best results, we recommend placing our adhesive bumpers on smooth, even surfaces and that have been cleaned and dried thoroughly before fixing.


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