Self adhesive door bumpers

Self Adhesive Door Bumpers and Rubber Door Buffers

Self adhesive door bumpers, also known as rubber door buffers or buffer pads are easy to apply, and equipped with an effective and durable adhesive. Adhesive bumpers are the ideal solution to avoid scratching surfaces, to prevent objects from slipping or vibrating, to cushion the closing of doors and drawers, and to even out small differences in level. They are also commonly called rubber bumpers, silicone drops or PVC drops. Depending on the application and requirements, they can be square, cylindrical or hemispherical.

Engineered for maximum adhesion, strength and durability, Italfeltri door bumpers are manufactured to the highest quality standards and comply with all current safety regulations. Like most of our products, our rubber door buffers are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, shapes and colorations in order to meet the exact functional and aesthetic requirements of each customer.

Self Adhesive Door Bumpers: Materials, Dimensions and Colors

Self Adhesive Door Bumpers: Materials, Dimensions and Colors Italfeltri’s self adhesive door bumpers or rubber door buffers are made from a highly resistant synthetic materials and feature a powerful, specially-developed acrylic transfer tape that ensures maximum adhesion to all surfaces, including hardwood, ceramic, porcelain stoneware (aka gres), resin and marble.

Our self adhesive door bumpers are offered in a complete range of neutral colors designed to integrate seamlessly with all interior styles. Available colorations include shades of white, black and gray as well as transparent bumpers.
Our complete selection of self adhesive door bumpers and buffer pads also spans a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including cylindrical, spherical, and square, with either flattened or rounded heads, and ranging from 8 to 22 mm in width at the base. Custom solutions are also available, so if you have a specific in mind just let us know, and we’ll create your bumper to your exact specifications (for more information, see our Custom Solutions section).

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How to Use Self Adhesive Door Bumpers

Italfeltri’s rubber door buffers are extremely easy to install. Simply select the spot where you want to position the buffer pad, remove the sticker and press the pad onto the surface, and to thoroughly clean then dry the area before fixing them into place.