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Various small parts

When you build furniture and do DIY, you need a range of small furniture parts that we furniture accessory manufacturers are familiar with. And our company stands out from the competition for our extensive collection of these parts needed to finish furniture off perfectly.

These small furniture parts we manufacture and distribute to our intermediaries include magnetic catches, wedges, guides, mirror holders, washers, knob and handle protectors, and wall hooks. And as with all the products we manufacture at our company, all these parts are available in different materials with different options to meet individual requirements.

All our products are made using sustainable processes because our company manufacturing strategy is mindful of the environment.

Our added value lies in areas including our quality policy and this approach to the environment.

We carefully select our raw materials, using recycled materials to make our products wherever possible. We also use recyclable plastic whenever our manufacturing process allows. And we are known for our sustainable packaging: all our packing materials are recyclable.


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