Componenti per mobili Italfeltri Italfeltri FURNITURE Division

Furniture fittings

Felt Pads, Bumpers, Cover Caps, Glides, Leg Tips and many more items.

Italfeltri manufactures small fittings dedicated to the furniture industries: our FURNITURE DIVISION. The very wide product range is made up of self-adhesive felt pads to protect floors and allow for easy sliding; self-adhesive and plug-in buffer pads to reduce the noise when closing doors and drawers; self-adhesive and plug-in cover caps to hide screw holes and improve the aesthetics of cabinets; chair glides, leg tips and feet as advanced floor protectors in a variety of materials to find the best solution for every surface.

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Shelf supports, rod supports, threaded insert nuts and drawer mats to protect drawers and shelves; cable management systems to better organize the cables of all devices; swivels to allow 360° rotation of several objects; magnetic door catches to absorb impacts when closing the cabinet doors; mirror holders, door stops, handle protection rings, corner guards and a wide range of small metallic and plastic furniture fittings.

All our products go under quality tests and meet strict quality standards to grant the best performance over time.


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Italfeltri INDUSTRY Division

Custom Solutions

Italfeltri is specialized in the production of industrial items such as gaskets, acoustic and thermal insulation materials, anti-vibrators, buffers, anti-slip items, spacers and packaging items molded in plastic and die-cast in zamak, for mechanical, chimical, textile, food, railway, automotive and nautical sectors. [show_more more="Read more" less="Resize"]Our production departments are able to process felts, double-sided adhesives, rubbers, foams and polymers, shaping them into any shape and size, thanks to state-of-the-art numerically controlled machines, and make them adhesive with the most suitable adhesive for the required application if needed. At the core of our work, we conduct continual research on quality, using excellent materials and the best equipment. Our prepared and experienced personnel is always ready to guatantee support and assistance to our customers and also allow us to study and propose customized solutions according to special needs. Starting from a detailed design we create the molds to manufacture customized plastic and zamak parts. We can offer innovative services to companies of different industrial sectors thanks to the peculiarities such as plastic and felt co-molding, bi-component plastic injection molding and zamak die-casting.[/show_more]
Italfeltri RETAIL Division

Retail-ready Bags

4HoMe® is our furniture-friendly range of Italfeltri RETAIL DIVISION: quick and effective solutions for the care and beauty of your home and your most precious objects. [show_more more="Read more" less="Resize"]The creation of 4HoMe® is the result of a company operating for over 40 years in the areas of hardware, household goods, mechanical engineering and furniture. This new brand is born from the continuous pursuite of quality by Italfeltri, the use of materials that are excellent and the best and most modern technologies. The bags have different colours, one for every specific product category, for a quick recognition. They are totally recyclable and with all necessary product's specifications , such as barcode and instructions. We can also provide fully customizable packaging.[/show_more]