Lanit 350 thickness from 2 to a 40 mm


The material is composed of 100% scoured merino wool. The thickness ranges from 2 mm to 40 mm and the weight is Kg. 0.350/m² per mm of thickness with the tolerances of use and DIN standards +/-10%.

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It is supplied in sheets or rolls of various sizes; it can also be die-cut and sheared in pieces to any size. Wool felts, both adhesive and non-adhesive, have special characteristics that enable them to meet numerous needs in the industrial field, with uses ranging from mechanical to iron and steel, textiles to electronics, food to chemicals, and furniture, for underneath chairs for example, to the decorative sector. Wool felts are used for lubricating and filtering solids, liquids and gases; for abrading, polishing and cleaning; and for insulating, soundproofing, sealing and coating.

Moreover, they are mainly used for making gaskets.

They can be paired with adhesives of different characteristics according to their use.



Available punched with quantity on request.


Punched adhesive felt pads on rolls.


Adhesive felt pads sheared in single pieces.


Adhesive felt pads in rolls.


Available colours


Available in specific required shapes.

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