Floor Glides: Chair Floor Protectors and Glides for Chair Legs

Floor glides attach to the legs or base of furniture items and make it easier to move furniture. Even more importantly, they protect floor surfaces and the furniture itself from the unnecessary and often irreparable damage which can occur when moving furniture. Protective floor glides can be applied to many types of furniture items, such as tables, desks, cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases and chairs.

Glides for chair legs, also known as chair floor protectors, are especially important because, of all furniture items, chairs are the ones that get moved around the most. And while we may not think much of moving a chair to sit down at the table, all this back-and-forth dragging motion will inevitably cause wear, marks, scratches and even dents on our flooring. In the long run, this will undermine the aesthetics and even the value of a property. Thankfully, all this trouble can easily be prevented – at little cost – by using chair floor protectors.

Italfeltri offers a complete range of high-quality floor glides for furniture and glides for chair legs, available in a variety of formats and materials depending on the type of item to be fitted and the type of flooring on which they will be placed. Based on your specific needs, our floor glides are offered in a wide selection of materials, including metal, felt, plastic and PTFE glides. All materials used for our furniture floor glides and chair floor protectors are carefully engineered for durability, comfort and noiselessness – while fully complying with all applicable regulations. Italfeltri floor glides are suitable for use in homes as well as business, retail or industrial spaces. They are designed to perform optimally on a wide variety of floorings, including hardwood, tile, ceramic, marble, laminate and carpet, as well as a variety of synthetic or metallic surfaces often found in industrial interiors.

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The Italfeltri range of furniture floor glides, glides for chair legs and chair floor protectors includes a complete selection of nail-in glides, screw-in glides and self-adhesive PTFE glides. The products are available in numerous shapes, colors and configurations, and can also be customized upon request to meet specific requirements. The modes of installation differ slightly, but in all cases our glides are quick and easy to fix into place, ensuring smooth movement of furniture across a wide variety of floor surfaces.


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