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Swivel mechanisms

Swivel bearings and lazy susan swivel plates

Swivel mechanisms, also known as slewing bearings or slew rings and in some cases called Lazy Susan swivel plates, are rotational rolling-element bearings designed to support rotating or oscillating loads. They are used in industrial or mechanical engineering applications, advertising display-racks, furniture, handling facilities and distribution systems. These mechanisms can allow for 360° rotations as well as controlled or bounded rotations.

Italfeltri engineers and manufactures its swivel bearings for optimal performance in terms of both load capacity and stress resistance. We offer a complete array or slewing rings and lazy susan swivel plates for a variety of applications.

Our swivel mechanism CIAK SI GIRA in Metal range have diameters from 327 to 800 millimeters and are made of aluminum or techpolymer. Also known as Lazy Susan swivel mechanisms are particularly suitable for applications requiring a high load capacity and a very smooth rotation. The mechanism comprises two concentric circumferences that slide on steel ball bearings and can be fixed with screws, either horizontally or vertically. In addition, The swivel mechanism Ø 327 is equipped with 1 rack and if appropriately powered electrically, can provide motorised rotation.

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Our plastic Ciak swivel mechanisms are made like the Ciak in Metal, and are available in 230 mm and 280 mm versions.

Our Discociak line includes a complete array of swivel mechanisms made in black techpolymer plastic. They range in size from 160 to 600 millimeters and feature one, two or three rotating discs. These mechanisms offer an excellent option whenever quick assembly is required, and are especially recommended for horizontal use. The slewing rings and lazy susan swivel plates in the Discociak series can either be fixed into place by a single screw at the center or glued to limited weight frames. The external discs of the 300 mm model can be coupled with rigid covers.

The extensive range of Italfeltri swivel bearings is completed by the small but exceptionally sturdy Miniciak slewing ring and the highly versatile Rolly Kit, a complete set which can be used to create circumferences of any diameter.

For more information, or inquiries into developing custom slewing rings or lazy susan swivel plates to meet your exact requirements, feel free to get in touch with us! We’ll be glad to take care of all your requests and questions.


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