• Details
    that fit the bill

  • Over 150 shades
    of hole plugs

  • Attention to detail
    from head to foot

  • Behind every
    little gasket
    is a multitude
    of detailed decisions

  • Let’s go
    into detail


Felt pads and much more…

They say that details make perfection: at Italfeltri, we apply this conviction to all of our products, showcasing our skills and expertise.

We are the point of reference in Italy and abroad for the production of both adhesive and non-adhesive products, including: synthetic and wool felt pads, rubber bumpers, adhesive or snap-fit hole plugs/screw covers, floor protectors, leg caps and feet, anti-slip mats, bearing swivels, cable management systems, and a wide range of small metal and plastic parts for furniture.

Our attention to detail extends to numerous materials, such as felt, rubber, foam, double-sided adhesive, polymers and plastics, allowing us to process items in any shape and size, in addition to making gaskets.

Furniture fittings

We offer the right products to enhance and improve the aesthetics and functionality of furniture, protecting it and helping it last longer.


Custom industrial solutions

Thanks to our use of modern and precise cutting technologies, our production department is able to work with and shape any raw material—including felt, double-sided adhesive, rubber, foam and polymers—to create gaskets and industrial parts.

We can also injection mould plastic materials, developing your project from a simple design.

Retail-ready Bags

There is an easier way to take care of your home: Practical Way, our wide range of bagged products ready for retail and large-scale distribution.




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