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Threaded insert nuts

Threaded insert nuts, with metric thread countersink, made of zamak and plastic, are used to screw threaded pins or adjustable feet into all types of furniture. They are installed by means of screwing into wooden panels and are among the products in our production line which we sell and distribute as a manufacturing company for furniture components.

These products are useful as an attachment mechanism when assembling various pieces that make up a piece of furniture. For example, they can be used to join wooden panels.

Like all our components for furniture, these parts are high-quality, hard-wearing and long-lasting. Designed with our clients in mind, they are easy to use and different types are available, meaning they provide the versatility needed for each individual situation.

Our insert nuts are premium quality and made using a sustainable manufacturing process with renewable energy (solar power). Wherever possible, we try to use recyclable plastic in our products.

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