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Door Buffers

Stem bumpers are part of our wide range of furniture component products. These bumpers are specially designed to cushion closing drawers. Used throughout the home, they are often found on drawers and cupboards, in kitchens, bathrooms and in living rooms. Our range of bumpers also includes plug-in bumpers assembled in two different materials (rubber and plastic) and co-moulded bi-component bumpers.

Our company policy is to take care of the details, provide quality and protect the environment, and the manufacturing process for our stem bumpers meets these exacting standards.

Each of our products is designed to meet a specific client need. We offer a wide range of bumper sizes and colours suitable for the different situations clients face at home.

Of course, we’re also mindful of the environment and do what we can to improve our sustainability. For example, we use renewable energy, work with recycled raw materials wherever we can and make our delivery packaging fully recyclable.

Our quality, extensive product range and sustainable approach are a clear competitive advantage as a manufacturing company.

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