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Wool felts

Adhesive and non-adhesive wool felts have peculiar characteristics that allow them to meet numerous needs in the industrial field, with uses ranging from the mechanical world to the steel industry, from textiles to electronics, from food to chemicals, from furnishings (as chair leg pads, for example) to the decor sector.

Wool felts are used for lubricating and filtering solids, liquids or gases; grinding, polishing and cleaning; insulating, sealing and coating. They are mainly use for the creation of gaskets.

Production examples

Feltri in lana

Specifically: Lanit 280 g and Lanit 350 g are suitable for lubrication, while others, such as Lanit 500 g and Lanit 600 g, for cleaning and polishing metals. Then there is the class M1 fireproof Lanit, thus resistant to fire, which is mainly used for insulation in the naval and railway sectors. The tweedit Lanit and the coloured Lanit, on the other hand, can be used in the decor sector.

They can be adhesive with glues of different characteristics depending on their use.

The adhesive wool felts are supplied in sheets or rolls of various sizes, weights and thicknesses; they can be die-cut and sheared in any size.