Felt Floor Protectors


Felt Protectors and Synthetic Felt Pads production


Today Italfeltri is considered one of the major reference points at an international level in specific business sectors because of its well-established experience after over thirty years in the market.


The company works in many fields such as the hardware industry, household articles, the furniture industry, interior design and mechanical applications.  It offers its customers a wide range of products that are both adhesive and non-adhesive, plastic articles, technical articles which are provided in industrial packages or packets for large retailers. They are always available from the warehouse and deliver quickly.


Adhesive felt pads and wool pads, rubber buffers, Glides, adhesive hole covers and antislip-mats make up the standard production.


In addition to this and equally important, we have developed production divisions that are able to work with numerous materials: felt floor protector, synthetic felt pads, rubber, foams, polymers and biadhesives. We are noted for the ability to mould them into any size or shape thanks to modern and precise cutting technology, and make them adhesive with the most suitable glues, based on the requested application.


At the core of our work, we conduct continual research on quality, since we use excellent materials and the best equipment.

Our prepared and experienced personnel is always ready to guarantee support and assistance to our customers and also allows us to study and propose customized solutions according to special needs.


Italfeltri gives you the confidence of a reliable partner and the tranquility of a quick and punctual supplier.

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