Polyurethane adhesive

Transparent adhesive polyurethane is a material with a rubbery consistency, ideal for application on different types of surface, such as glass, metal, wood and plastics. Its composition enables a secure grip, suitable for making gaskets, with anti-slip functions, spacers, limit switches, and shockproof and anti-vibration components.

Adhesive polyurethane is an alternative to natural rubber and to various synthetic elastomers because, thanks to the long-lasting high-strength adhesive, it has excellent resistance performance:

  • to abrasion;
  • to laceration;
  • to ageing;
  • to the action of ultraviolet rays.

It can be used, for example, to prevent a napkin holder from slipping on a bar table. It also has a shockproof function: it protects the delicate parts of a piece of furniture or any surface we want to protect.

At Italfeltri we supply adhesive polyurethane in rolls, plates, strips or customised with format and measure on request.

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