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Adhesive and non-adhesive polymers


At Italfeltri we offer you a wide range of adhesive and non-adhesive polymers, designed for various uses in the industrial and furniture world. They can have anti-slip, insulating, anti-vibration, shockproof and anti-scratch functions. With adhesive polymers you can make: gaskets, for an anti-slip function, spacers or rubber bumpers to be applied to the inside of furniture doors which provide a shock-absorbing action.

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Non-adhesive polymers, including the PVC Flex, are used to create gaskets, for example to protect the glass panel of a furniture door in contact with the metal closing hinge. On the other hand, material made of EVA, a rubbery and transparent polymer which can also be adhesive, has a very useful anti-shock function where there is contact between two surfaces.

In our catalogue, you can also find PTFE with a sliding function. It is made of a plastic material that resists high temperatures, from -200° to + 260°. This material can be used as a gasket, washer, spacer or even under-chair slide. Some polymers can be made adhesive with special adhesives, depending on their use.

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Italfeltri: supply of custom-made adhesive and non-adhesive polymers

At Italfeltri you can find both adhesive and non-adhesive polymers in rolls and sheets, sliced or punched in various thicknesses, starting from a minimum of 0.1 mm to a maximum of 10 mm. They are also available in sizes and formats on request. We listen to your needs and are available to manufacture custom-made products. Our sales staff can advise you on the polymer model that best suits your needs. You can order by phone, email, or by filling out the form on our website.