Leg Tips, Tube Inserts, Outer Caps and Tilt Glides

Leg-tips are products that are designed to enable furniture items a smooth sliding experience when placed on different surfaces such as tiles, carpets, parquet floors, and cemented floors. The leg tips and tube inserts are constructed using PVC with felt pads that ensure smooth sliding when moved across the room. As a result, annoying sound such as dangerous streaks are completely eliminated.

Apart from indoor use, PVC leg tips can also be installed to the wrought iron’s outdoor furniture’s in order to avert sliding damages to the deck and porch, and since the PVC leg tip grips the floor so firmly, most people have today begun to add these products to other items such as walking sticks in order to derive more reliable support.
Because of their superb and precise manufacturing these products enhance the furniture’s overall aesthetics’ value that makes the room to look more beautiful and if you are a carpenter or furniture dealer and you install any of these products definitely you are likely to sell the furniture at a higher price.

Italfeltri offers a wide range legs-tips, tube inserts, outer caps and tilt glides as metal chairs floor protectors. They care for the floor protection playing without leaving any trace. All standard sizes are available from stock.