Felt Floor Glides, Furniture and Floor Protectors

Felt Floor Glides, Furniture and Floor Protectors. When furniture is put onto laminate flooring and other delicate surfaces, it can cause significant damage. Even if a small item of furniture is placed on laminate flooring, irreparable damage will still happen, especially if it is constantly pushed around and not lifted.

Felt Floor Glides can stop furniture damaging a floor. This is because a glide is attached to furniture legs. An alternative to plastic and metal pads, they won’t cause any damage whatsoever even if they are attached to a heavy item of furniture. Made out of felt and strong materials, a glide will still offer protection years later.

There are many types of furniture and floor protectors glides to choose from, such as those that tap on. Easy to fit, they offer protection on wooden legs as soon as they have been attached. Glides that are nailed on can also be chosen. Made out of nylon, these particular floor glides are ideal for properties that have laminate flooring and other wooden surfaces, such as a hardwood floor. As a nail keeps this particular glide in place, it stays attached to furniture legs no matter how much force is applied against it.