Insert Mats

Soft and resistant at the same time, Antislip Drawer Mats are ideal for covering shelves or drawer interiors. They prevent objects from sliding and guarantee protection against knocks, damage and dirt. They are known for their strong anti-skid abilities, a functional surface and the ease in which they can be cleaned.

Antislip mats that are designed for a kitchen are available in a variety of sizes. As the size of a kitchen drawer or shelf differs from one to another, there are many different types to choose from. By providing exact measurements, a sheet can be cut so that it perfectly fits into a kitchen drawer or shelf.

An antislip mat is designed in many different colours. As well as white, a silver and black antislip mat can be bought. As an antislip mat will blend in with a drawer or a shelf, it won’t look out of place. Offering protection against water, glasses and other delicate items that have recently been cleaned won’t cause damage to an Antislip Kitchen Mat. Available by the roll or cut to measurement.