If you are a building contractor seeking quality rubbers, specialist supplier Italfeltri has a varied range to choose from. Whatever size or thickness you require, you will find an option to suit your needs. Italfeltri constantly carries out technical research to ensure its rubber products are manufactured to the highest standards.

We employ the latest technology to mould buffers to the shape required, and has expert staff who can work with customers to match any specialist uses. You can also rely on speedy delivery, since the company’s warehouse always has excellent stock levels.

Die cuts, sheets and rolls are all included in Italfeltri’s range, and you can choose from different SBR rubbers in shades including black, white and brown. For generic use, Black Natural Gommit is an ideal choice, while White Natural Gommit is more appropriate if you have special requirements affecting appearance and cleaning.

Where there is a need for physical-mechanical resistance, Cloth Gommit, which includes cloth inserts, will fit the bill. If rubber door buffers giving more elastic performance are required, Gommit Para is adapted to this, as it is made from NR+SBR rubber for additional softness and flexibility. All of these products can safely be used in weak acids and saline solutions, as well as in air or water.

To suit specialist requirements, Italfeltri supplies a Silicon Rubber, which provides resistance to chemicals and performs well at both high and low temperatures. Also available is an NBR rubber, T-Oil Gommit, which can safely resist mineral and vegetable oils and maintains its quality performance even at high temperatures